Electrostatic Air Filter

Effective against:

  • Odors
  • Tobacco Smoke
  • Microscopic Irritants
  • Allergens

The Electrostatic Filter does not require any modifications to the furnace. The air flow charges the filter, alleviating the need for an electrical connection. This filter is built to last, and should outlast the life of your furnace. It’s convenient to wash, only needing to be rinsed in the sink.

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It;s composed of a combination of woven polypropylene and unique highloft polypropylene enclosed in a 1″ aluminum metal frame.

These filters are made from aluminum and cannot bend. To get the correct size measure accurately and subtract ⅛” from each side.

100% hypoallergenic. 1” thick. Available in any size. Please measure carefully. All filters and pads are made to order. There are no returns or refunds on filters or pads.